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Stupid Apple Trend: is world going retarded?

November 3, 2011

Needless to say, I never liked Apple and their products. Way too shiny and easy to use for a beginner, but for me it has always been pain to use it.

Ubuntu has recently switched from Gnome to Unity, a real piece of garbage that greatly reminds me of another no less piece of garbage Mac OS. There is no doubt that anyone with zero IT skills will like love it, however I could not get used to it. I tried, honestly, I’ve kept using it for a month, but it sucked too greatly, I just had to switch back.

And yesterday I’ve got REALLY pissed. Now it is with google mail too! The interface used to be great, but now they switched to more Apple friendly style.

This is the old look:

Simple and nice. Everything is clear. Now lets take a look at the new one:

Now it is OVER SIMPLIFIED. What, do they think I can’t fucking read? It was way more intuitive before.

Huge buttons suck too. Just look at the fat and chubby COMPOSE button. It’s like saying “Hey, I am here, I know you are too retarded to see me if I weren’t taking half of your screen!”

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  1. November 3, 2011 11:46

    Try Gnome 3, i kind of liked it 🙂

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